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Question - mend, repair, fix

Dishlex Global 500 dishwasher?

The diswasher motor will not turn off & has "oF" detailed on the display.
I have pressed clear but no joy & have also tried to turn unit off then on again.

Please help

Simon Reed
July 2007

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

your over flow switch might be faulty or the polystyrene may be stuck

August 2014

I had same problem and tipping it on it's side worked!!

ian woollard
June 2012

I had the same problem turned out to be the water inlet solonoid not shutting off the mains correctly. So when the machine was idle the water slowly entered and overflowed into a small catch tank underneath, activating the pump and bringing up the "OF" or overfill in the digital display. This is a safety function to prevent your kitchen being flooded. The book said service call, but being a "sparkie" how hard could this fault be? So after isolating the unit from mains power and water I swapped the two solonids around (behind the left hand side lower cover after sliding the dishwasher out from under the bench - inbuilt unit) and after a week no problems. The unit even functions okay as it is now, although I'm getting another solonoid valve and put it back as it was. As I am a licenced Electrician, before attempting any repairs ensure you are competant, if not get help. DO NOT put yourself at risk of injury trying to save money, the costs are too high should you fail to identify a hazard.

Davo the sparkie
May 2010

YAAAYYYY!!! I love google!! Thanks to "anni" I tipped my dishwasher and now its back in action. This saved me lots of $$$!!!!

March 2010

remove it and check the hose that runs from bottom to the top it may be blocked also check that it spins freely when you manually spin it

February 2010

My Dishlex Global 500 keeps stopping mid-cycle. It just beeps once and then stops after a few minutes, with no time indication or error code evident. On opening, there is some heated water in the bottom but the dishes have obviously not been cleaned.

April 2009

The top arm on my Dishlex Global 500 isn't spinning. Any ideas?

April 2009

I tried putting the dishwasher on it's left side as mentioned above and it certainly worked for me.

December 2008

hi the second answer worked for me too thanks for help

August 2008

The oF message displayed means overfill. The likely cause is that the inlet solenoid is not shutting of the water.
A float switch in the back of the dishwasher activates the motor to keep pumping the excess water down.
If the dishwasher is to be disconnected from the power supply, make sure the water supply is also turned off to prevent flooding.
The inlet solenoid will need to be replaced.

March 2008

Hi - answer I was given by Electrolux Help was: pull machine out from under bench onto old towel, tip GENTLY onto left hand side (your left as you face the front of the machine) after it has drained, stand up gently, put back & turn on. Apparently it is the overflow trough reading as full ('oF' Overflow). Then run through some dishwasher descaler or Finish dishwasher cleaner. Worked for me.

November 2007

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Thank you. Your answer sorted the problem on my Vivaro.

Aug 2019

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