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How to fix Kenmore machine 385.16120200 still stuck in reverse?

Hello, thank you for your help a few weeks ago. I have tried the following, stitch controls settings, wd 40 on the switch, cleaning and oiling, and a few minutes of a hot air from a blow dryer into the machine at the reverse mechanisms, and have taken it apart and see nothing that is obviously broken. Nothing is working and I cant afford to ship it off at this time. Is there something I am missing in checking please? Thank you for any suggestions.

July 2007

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kenmore sewing machine 385-1684180 stuck on
reverse. How do I fix it?

Barbara Martin
August 2010

Hello Deborah,
If you have been through absolutely everything try one more thing for me,press up and down on the reverse lever whilst looking at the teeth, they should move slightly backwards, if they do then the mechanism is working okay and the only possible thing it could be is the feeding cam on the top of the machine shaft has moved, very unsual but it can happen, if you take the top cover off the machine and look at the top main shaft you will see a long bar going downwards and the top part looks like a two pronged fork, the two pronged fork bit fits over a cam on the main shaft, that cam if you look to the side of it should have a line which corresponds to a mark on the main shaft that is called a timing mark and they should be in line, if they are not you have to slacken the screw on the cam and move it slightly, sometimes you may even have to move it slightly past the the timing mark on the shaft, trial and error but it is the only thing that will adjust the feed, there is nothing else, once you have moved the cam give it a quick test, any problems let me know.
July 2007

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Kenmore 158.12511 stopped sewing?

I was sewing just fine when suddenly it started bogging down, got hard to turn and stopped sewing? I took the top plate off to see if the drive belt was OK & it was. I am wondering if the motor froze up? Thanks,...

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Kenmore sewing machine #15814300?

I was given the above sewing machine. It works well, as long as a straight stitch is used. The dial that changes the stitch won't budge. I don't have the manual and thought I might be missing something or is it just shot?...

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