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Categories > Mend Kitchen Appliances, Dishwashers > Question
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Kitchen Appliances, Dishwashers (15893 other questions)
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Mend > Dishwashers

Question - mend, repair, fix

Indesit D41 Pump Out Problem?

The main pressure pump failed (windings burnt out) on my Indesit D41 dishwasher so I replaced it, all went well but dishwasher now appears to have a different fault. If there is no water in the dishwasher the program continues properly with the new pressure pump working ok. However, when a pump out is required nothing happens and the dishwasher stalls until it times out. If there is water in the dishwasher when you start a new program again nothing happens. The evacuation pump works ok, as can be proved by connecting direct mains power to it when it pumps out all water correctly. It seems the control board is not switching the pump on when it is needed. I have checked all wiring and connections and can't find a problem, can only think the burnt out pressure motor took the circuit board with it, any ideas?

Chris Thorne
April 2005

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Thanks for the reply, I did check the pressure switch, which appears to be working OK in that it clicks when the water reaches its lowest level and clicks again as soon as the water starts refilling.

I also removed it to enable me to blow down the inlet tube to check the action of the switch by using a meter, again I found that it operated OK.

Is this the correct way to check the unit or should I have carried out other tests?

Regards Chris

Chris Thorne
April 2005

have you checked the pressure switch components?

April 2005

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Hi there, Had a d41 dishwasher for about 8 years and last night it tripped my circuit board, checked the fuse in the plug which is fine. Anybody else had this? I may check the heating element, just thought would ask first. Regards, Gordon...

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Indesit D41 dishwasher problem?

The first light keeps flashing, will drain but wont take in water, have taken the cold water valve to the repair shop and he ordered a new one as he said ours was not working, replaced today and the light is still flashing and not working, any advice please...

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How do I repair a leaking dishwasher?

I have replaced the top & side seals .water is leaking from the bottom left side of the machine. There does not appear to be any fault in the hoses. Can anyone advise?Indesit d41...

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Dishwasher will not receive cold water-inlet valve ok?

Indesit D41 Dishwasher SWitch on red lamp illuminates select programme green lamp illuminates few seconds later green lamp flashes after one bleep...

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Indesit D41 Dishwasher.?

The detergent dispenser door does not open on cycle. The door opens fine by pressing button. Any ideas? Is this a DIY prospect? Many thanks....

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Flashing light on a Indesit D41 dishwasher?

The 1st of the 4 indicator lights is flashing continuously on our Indesit D41 dishwasher. What fault is being indicated, and how is it rectified?...

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Indesit D41 door doesn't close?

Indesit D41 dishwasher. Today the door failed to close properly. I'm assuming it is something to do with the catch inside the door itself. I never really paid much attention to it before so I don't know how the thing operates. Does anyone have a manual that gives an exploded diagram or can point ...

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Indesit D41 - Broken Door Lock?

My Indesit D41 has managed to lock itself whilst the door is open .. I cannot work out which part of the plastic inside needs to move, whether it should go up or down, to enable me to unlock it .. if anyone has an idea or experience of this problem I would appreciate some help...

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