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How do I get T-Mobile or Orange on a Philips CCRT700 Car Stereo/GSM Mobile?

I have a Philips CCRT700 car stereo (with hands free mobile phone) fitted in my Vauxhall Vectra (Year 2000) I cannot get the T-Mobile or Orange mobile phone networks to work, it will only work on Voderfone or O2. I have tried adding the two mentioned networks but stereo will not detect them. Any help, advice or contact details for help would be appreciated

Jon Chivers
May 2005
there is no way of adding any other network to the phone sorry,you will have to change to either 02 or vodaphone :(

March 2006
its a single band phone and only works on the two lower band networks ie:voda and o2 i asked vauxhall the same question when i got my omega

Andy perry
August 2005


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