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How can I replace the foam bar of Brother KX 350 knitting machine?

My Brother KX 350 knitting machine needs a new foam bar, that has a piece of fabric on each side, replaced. I can order a new one, but have no clue as to how to get the old one out and put in the new one. If you can advise me, I would be grateful.

December 2007
I recently bought a KX-350 and there is no sponge bar in the channel [ under the blue strip with the numbers on it,] or is it someplace else ? one of these previous comment mentioned taking out the needles and replacing with headliner fabric. if so it must be different than the Metal brother knitting machines. Thanks for any help!!!

Joan K
December 2010
I just wanted to say thanks for the headliner info that is great to know! I just love creative minds...

Renee France
September 2010
I found the following site with excellent replacement instructions

December 2008
I have a KX-350 given to me years ago and just recently taken out of storage. I have found the following websites to order supplies, etc.

December 2008
I also seem to need to replace this double sided foam strip. I am wondering what the 'headliner' material, of which you spoke, is made of/looks like?

Judy M
March 2008
I have replaced the sponge with a piece of headliner material and gotten fine results. I had to remove all the needles and the old sponge/fabric strips. You will need to cut the headliner material to the width of the old fabric strips. Probably slightly less than 3/8". Slide the headliner strip in and replace the needles. The headliner material is like what is used in the roof of cars. It is available at most fabric stores.

January 2008


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