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Using a ribber with my knitting machine?

I have just purchased a second-hand Brother KH-936 knitting machine and ribber KR-850. These are both in excellent condition. However when I try to use the ribber carriage it cannot pass over the needles and seems to be catching on them - It is not anything to do with the ribber alignment as when I lower the ribber and try to use just the carriage it will not budge. I am an experienced machine knitter of about 30 years, but cannot solve this one - can you help please!

Judy Palmer
February 2008
What attachments work with your compuknit ii?

August 2010
After retrieving my KnitKing Compuknit II from the attic, I could easily knit stockinette stitch, but when attaching the ribber, the needles would catch everytime! After much careful work, I removed the sponge bar to discover it was no longer springy like a 'sponge'! The new bar is coming Priority Mail and I can start enjoying my knitting machine. I wish I'd have seen this blog yesterday, thus avoiding much frustration, but I learned something nonetheless!!

Laurel Pracht
June 2008
You may need to replace the sponge bar on the knitting machine, if this is worn & not holding the needles down the connecting arm will catch on the needles when using the ribber.

peter stubbs
February 2008


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