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Creative Vision M 30gb Connection problems?

I purchased an "as is" Creative Zen Vision M 30 gb off of Ebay. The guy said that he got a message saying Hard disk problem. I figured I could just reformat it myself. Well, when I received it, it turned on & went to the menu with no problem. There was no apparent problem with the hard disk. BUT when I'd go to try to connect it with my computer, nothing. I found & did some troubleshooting tips they suggested, but still to no avail. I tried buying a new USB cord. Still no good. I tried connecting it to 3 different computer with 2 different operating systems and again, nothing. I have to believe that the issue is obviously with the vision m. Oh yes, & I do have a Zen V Plus 2 gb that connects with no problem at all. So now, I'm wondering if I could possibly get another "as is" Vision player & swap out parts. The problem would be of course, which part? It the connector a part of the main board & would it be the main board that has the problem or the connector itself? Any help here would be appreciated. Thanks

February 2008
I have a Zen Vision M 60gb, and I am having a similar issue where the unit is not making the contact it needs to in order for you to add music. If I have the adapter plugged into the dingle as well I can get it to charge, but not from the usb alone. I thought it might be the dongle, but I happened to have an extra one, tested it, and same issue. Its like the internal slot where the dongle fits into is not connecting properly anymore. Is there no place or way to fix that? This has to be a issue that creative knew was going to happen. Have you noticed that they dont even have them on there website anymore? Its hard to find a vision m new anywhere. And with no place to repair it for you is just unbelievable. This is another example of how corporations are making things as cheaply as possible, and sometimes with components that have a well known lifespan to the compnay in order to keep you buying products. As long as we keep buying, we keep losing. Dont recommend creative, dont buy creative, and dont speak of creative, and maybe we will be creative enough to have a new company come along that makes things that last, oh and work while they do last.

pissed the hell off
May 2010
Got the same problem with the 60GB version. Working fine one minute, my entire music collection on it, films and photo's then it stopped syncing, charges ok though. Went through all the usual steps, nothing. The kind people at creative said format it, I said "But all my data". Just do it and it will be fine. Brilliant now I have a non connecting Zen with no data, "remove the bios, that'll do it" they said, guess what! yep I have a nice heavy smart looking plastic box. "Mmm", say's the nice people at Creative, "Its dead, pick something else and we will give you some discount". Thanks, can't wait to see what they offer me.....

August 2008
to fix this problem you need to format the hard drive. i encountered the same problem with mine. to format it you need to, with the power off, put the battery onto the player while holding the on button this will take you to the recovery mode and then you just select format hard drive it is automatic and should fix your problem. If not try to reinstall the firmware

March 2008
How did that fixed it...? or how can it be done... I have the same issue with my vision m 30g

March 2008
ive got a similar problem!! bought a brand new one from amazon, it charges, but wont be picked up by any computers, i havent found the problem yet! an the creative website is constantly down, if anyone knows how to fix this please let us no!

March 2008
After I installed Nokia PC Suite 6.85 my Zen Vision M doesn't connect.The connection icon appeals on my Zen's screen for a few seconds and then dissapears.

March 2008
Go to this link, I used it and it fixed the problem with my Zen Vision W:,/?St=718,E=0000000000329410690,K=8400,Sxi=0,Case=obj(10053),Kb=ww_english_add,VARSET=ws:

February 2008


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