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thinkpad 600 error 161 163 192 dev 001 err 91 err 192 fru 3610 3810?

this isnt a question as such its a solution to all you thinkpad owners of the most common problems

I bought 2 of these ibm thinkpad 600 s on ebay sold as faulty untested
and ive got one up and running so far.
First time id ever had a look at a laptop lol.
The first thing you need is the manual for it to refer
to from ibm homepage
url is here

this tells you error messages etc.

At first they both had error 161 163 192.
161 and 163 mean time and date not set

any error like this is a dead giveaway youre cmos is dead.
Its a really common problem.

192 seemed to be incorrect voltage or fan
the fan blows out the side to the left and can
normally be heard or felt,

You need to do a check which is achieved by holding down F1
and powering it on,
keep F1 held down and wait and you should get the config come up.
Run the system board check.

On systemboard check you get
err 91
fru3610 or fru 3810
or something very similiar

It means the cmos battery is dead.
In case anybody else has these problems too
heres a summary of things i had to do

1 get an ac adaptor , mine came with no psu
so i couldnt even tell what they were like for a few days,
the correct one is 16volt 2.6 amps
Chargers on ebay are either 4.15 amps or 3.36 amps
get the 3.36 amp version
the 4.15 works but gets a bit hot.
1a youll need a floppy and a cdrom if youre installing youre
os from the cd probably
if you havent got a floppy
burn some boot disks to cd and use them
you may need a dos boot disk.
look on google and
You might have to change the boot order to
so it boots off cdrom first,
go into config as outlined above with F1 key then power on
its the startup panel.
2 replace the cmos battery it was dead,
its a cr2025 watch type battery
cheap and easy to replace (this is for thinkpad 600)

Different thinkpads have different batteries so check first.

To do this you need to take the memory cover off on
the bottom of your thinkpad
undo it with a screwdriver
and youll see a white connector to topright or bottom left
depending how your looking at it
with a red and a black wire.
This is connected to the cmos battery
which is tucked under the black plastic of the case.
You have to wiggle
it round a bit and pull it out but its not connected.
The original one has a yellow shrinkwarap thing on it.
heres a link so you can see exactly what its like,

Undo the plastic with a pair of scissors
and prise of the metal clips soldered in place
with pliers or something
making sure you remember if red is positive or negative
Flatten the clips and then tape your cr2025 battery onto them
with electricians insulating tape
and then push the white connector back and
tuck the new battery back in position.

2a You might get a password lock come up.
This a standard security procedure to prevent
unathourised acces if its stolen,

You can have up to 3 passswords set on a thinkpad
if youre really unlucky
They are
1 bios password,
If you havent replaced the cmos battery already
undo the cmos battery wait for maybe 20 mins
and then connect it back or look at the manual
and short the jumpers on the bottom
of your thinkpad.
2 admin password
3 hard drive password
2 and 3 are usually the same password but not always.
The one that looks like a floppy disk and ? is on the
motherboard saved to an eeprom chip,
its an administrator password.
you can either get a different motherboard
or get a new chip from ebay,
if you fancy soldering the old one out
and a new one in.
They are small and delicate though and are designed to get corrupted if
your heavy handed with a soldering iron.

The one that looks like a cylinder and a ?
means your motherboards not locked
but your hard drive is.
You cant do much about this except get a new hard drive.
Ps type in google atapwd and also
try partition table doctor they may help
normally what happens here is that when you connect it
to another computer it shows up but you cant access it
in any shape or form, not even in DOS.
You may be able to get into it from a non ibm compatible os
such as mac or linux but im not sure.

3 fdisk the old hdd in dos with a dos boot up disk
I downloaded from the internet,
and then format it it had 2 non dos partitions on it lol
It came with an external floppy which was handy.

4 the cd drive didnt work at all.
What was happening was it had a foam pad on one side
that kept making them stick,
the solution was to rip it out with a piece
of bent wire with a hook at on end till the cd spun freely.
ps this is not generally recommended
lol they must have made cds smaller then

5 Install an os i had win98se

6 The cd kept spinning too much and couldnt
find files during install
because the hole in cd was fractionally too big
thinkpad cd drives are made to an exact spec
which normally fits the hole in a cd
the solution to this is a little blob of blue tack to hold it still.

7 Get and install the bios upgrade from ibm homepage

8 Get and install the track point driver from ibm webpage

9 Install the display driver downloaded from ibm
the one you need is called neomagic or neograph or
something dated circa 2000
I originally tried the newer one and couldnt do anything with it
so was stuck with 16 colours and a resolution of 640 x 480 for a few days.
The one you want changes the display adapter NOT the monitor .

10 I also had to install the modem driver downloaded from ibm homepage

Anyway one of my thinkpads works fine but one has a locked hard drive,
I just need a new hard drive I think then Ill get that one going.
Hope this helps .
regards Mark.

Mark Corby
July 2005
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chiru sur
September 2011
Hi, I have a think pad 380 ED and when I run the lap marck error 161, 163. I think is the batery. Whow can I run the laptop or what can i do?.

arton maholli
February 2010
Hi, I have a think pad 380 ED and when I run the lap marck error 161, 163. I think is the batery. Whow can I run the laptop or what can i do?.

Arton maholli
February 2010
It works! Thanks!!!!


btw - if anyone is interested in the ibm dock station for a 600 let me know

December 2009
how can i format my ibm 600 x hd an d install new os
i hav faced 161 163 like error message
plz send me more information about formating i don't see my bios

Raju Dhavale
December 2009
This worked for me on a IBM Think Pad 600X. I had Error codes 161 and 163. I replace the batterie with a watch batterie from Walmart CR2025.

July 2009
when you get the on-off window, turn the computer off and then on again. If there is nothing else wrong, the computer will boot on through to the OS

Liz on Long Island
August 2008
if you this error

On systemboard check you get
err 91
fru3610 or fru 3810
or something very similiar

take the battery pack out, this is your problem!!
just run the laptp off the mains or buy a new battery pack!

ive just done this and it works, im just using mains power.

March 2008
thanks for that mate now i know what it was thanks

September 2007

My Laptop:
Thinkpad 600E 2645-8A0
Windows NT

My problem is almost the same as what Thomas explained earlier in this thread.

When i start my computer i get these errors:
173 Configureation info needs to be set
163 Date & Time needs to be Configured

If i try holding F1 or ESC i get an additional error:
76 301 Some Keyboard error

No matter what i do, i cant get any reaction what so ever?
I tried booting from a disk, but the errors shows before the floopy disk is even read?

According to this site:

The problem is a wrong ps2.exe ?

But i dont know how to fix this problem

can someone help ?

Rune - Denmark
July 2007
i get the 161 163 error, but then when i do put in the date and time, the screen goes to a off>on screen and it won't let me do anything....any help?

April 2007
I need to replace my HD do you know How expesive is it (I have 4 Gb and is no enough for me)
April 2007
i have tried holding f1 down but nothing happens it just stays the same can you help

mick mackley
April 2007
hi i have thinkpad 600 this is coming up error dev001 can you help plz

March 2007
In regaurds to the locked hard drive issue, you can buy an adapter that will let you hook the laptop drive up in a desktop so that you can fdisk it and you should be able to use it after that. Make sure you don't use an ibm machine, as some can detect a locked drive and not allow you access to it.

The batery soultion was very helpful. I have gotten that code as well very frequently but couldn't find a reference to it on ibm's site. Is there a master list of bios test codes that anyone knows of?

Robert @ Computer Exchange in Eldon MO
December 2006
Try this website ? They have some tools that will remove the IBM ThinkPad Password EEPROM or BIOS

November 2006
to get rid of the hd password you need a new hard drive, exact model, size everything, Then use a hex editor, find sector 0-1,
and replace it with the sector 0-1 from the new hd.
that will get rid of the password info written in sector 0 (where all the infos from the disk are store such Os partition sectors cylinders and in your case password good luck

Jean Pierre
September 2006
hey guys i thank you muc all this info helped me fix my thinkpad that i found in a junk car

August 2006
Had the Dev 001, ERR 91, FRU 3610 error. Changed the CMOS battery. Battery tested good @ 3.16v. Still got the above error when doing the BIOS test. Couldn't flash the BIOS because didn't have a good battery. Disabled the QUICKBOOT. Saved. Rebooted. Loaded Mandrake Linux 8.1 from the CD. It works !! No Error Msgs, etc. Go Linux !!

August 2006
I have the 161 163 error also. When I press esc I also get the 76 301 error. I changed the CMOS battery and it has not helped the situation. When I try to boot up with F1 it does not make a difference. Can anyone help?

August 2006
willie d regarding last answer this probably isnt it as normally when it doesnt work xp just freezes and wont do anything so you have to take the disc out and start again
I did try to add this in to last post but you cant edit it once its published

July 2006
willie d it might be yor xp disc sticking its been known ,mine sticks a lot and sometimes takes about 4 or 5 attempts to go it might just need a good clean with a soft towel or something.
Im not sure of the bios componenet thing tho. if its possible for you to burn a boot disc to a cd you could try that with a different os possibly to see just if you can get it to the point it loads.

July 2006
Fortunately, I just now, got Windows 98 to come up on my IBM Thinkpad 600E laptop.

First, I've had my laptop for about 4 years and bought it refurbised. I do not use it everyday, in fact, the last time I used it was about a month ago and it worked fine.

However, today, Windows would not boot up. I kept getting Error 163 and 173 and 301. After seeing the IBM/Thinkpad logo screen, it would stop and go into a BIOS screen and kept asking to confirm the time and date, which was correct. I did not have to re-enter the date/time each time. After I confirmed, then I got another BIOS screen that was flashing the words "O OFF < ON |", (which I figure means to restart the computer) and would then hang up the system.

I figured that the motherboard battery was dead since it wasn't holding the time/date, and went to Radio Shack and got a new CR2025 battery. I installed the new battery and it still would not boot up to Windows. Ack!!!

After performing various diagnostic tests in BIOS, I noticed that the BIOS icon for the hard drive was greyed out like it did not exist.

I thought it may be a loose connection and took the hard drive out and put it back in the laptop.

Rebooted the computer and La voila, Windows came up!!!

Now I need to back up my data!!!! Phew! Computers you love 'em or hate 'em, no inbetween!

Teryl in the USA, happy camper :)

July 2006
OK, OK, OK... This is starting to tick me off...I got the same error when running the systemboard check... blah blah FRU 3610. I changed the battery, and am trying to install XP (b/c I don't have a floppy for my 600) but Windows setup will get to the point where it's installing drivers (says there's appx 33 mins remaining) then I get a blue screen saying that my BIOS has reported a component may be faulty, and to run diagnostics. Any ideas? Thanks.

Willie D
June 2006
Just some advice to you guys. I had allotted of problems and errors that I couldn’t understand after replacing the battery. What you MUST do after replacing battery is to close the RAM cover, I left it open at first while working on the test bench. Take note that there is a little metal switch that detects your RAM cover is not closed, this caused the laptop to give keyboard error codes and not even resolve 161 and 163 errors, even with new battery. After closing cover all was 100%!!

June 2006
i nee to now how to change the first user and password and reboot the thinkpod 600 windows 95

May 2006
Sure am, just need a cable for the old kind of lan card :( and maybe a new screen to fix that black hole in the middle :) but still your post helped me a lot.

February 2006
cool glad its going i bet youre pleased lol good luck

February 2006
Before, when it showd me errors and didnt boot the test window didnt show my hdd and cd, but after changing battery its all working without any probs.. :) now who took that lan cable from it.. Need to get updates for the whole system and some simple software for private use.

February 2006
Its working! :) thanks guys. Its already playing my cds.. well not too much ram and i cant think of a way to connect to internet. never had a laptop before.. what is this 3cce589et ? some lan card? will try to find more info on it now :)
Once again thanks

February 2006
Does it have hard drive and is it readable?

February 2006
Presently an embassy in Japan, but hey they said its broken and needs to be treated as garbidge.. a half year ago someone just signed it off, but i guess it wasnt used for more than a year, since its owner left the country two years ago. According to the papers it was bought in UK, but i couldnt find all papers to be 100% sure 'bout it.
Since japanese have to sort out their garbidge that comp was just sitting in a corner :) too many components :) so now i am getting rid of all useless papers :) making the pack easier to carry untill i try to fix it.. ok back to dishes :~(

February 2006
sorry if its going over the top but it does seem highly suspect you got a a lapMarktop from an embassy?

February 2006
thing made me suspicios was embassy. lol
they shred all their documents and make damn sure theyre rubbish is ok they certainly wouldnt throw out a laptop.

February 2006
This isnt a spoof is it?

February 2006
hope your little guy works out ok>
PS what country where are you?

February 2006
Boy I found a ThinkPad 600 in our country embassy and those strange little ppl who dont understand comps wanted to throw it out.. since i am getting those kind of error messages i will try to change the battery and other stuff that you write about :) will see if this little guy will work afterwards :) it has a nasty spot on the LCD in the middle.. must have had a bad owner ;) but well for a test it is still good enough. So i hope that battery thingy will work out and i will get myself a little helper for almost free.

February 2006
Do you keep the computer plugged in between uses? Might be something to try.

Also, when you start the computer and it gets stuck at that "set time" place, try poking the reset button near the on/off switch. I posted about it earlier in this thread.

Also, when you do get the computer booted up, run a disk scan and defragment. That could've been what helped me.

Lastly, if you want to jettison the laptop, just send it to me - I'll take it off your hands! ;-)

February 2006
First of all, thank you for your advice.
I don't think I will try to replace the mainboard, it seems to be a hard work. But, any winter day, if I have time enough, may be I'll try!
However, I wanted to say that I can boot from my Thinkpad. Windows ME runs correctly and I can use the computer without any particular difficulty. The only trouble is that when I first start the TP for hours of inactivity, it shows the two f... erros so I'm have to reset date and time... That doesn't block system but it's a bit boring.
Moreover, changing BIOS version (upgrade from 24 to 36) did have no effect as you said (I read this after...).
What do you suggest? Do I have to jettison this infernal machine?!

February 2006
Davy, updating the bios will achieve nothing if you cant even get past POST(power on self test)so it looks like you might need a new mobo if youve tried everything else on here with no joy.
You can get thinkpad parts cheap on ebay ,the entire base or just the motherboard make sure its not password locked tho.
If you do have to rebuild it download the manual and make sure all the screws are put in bags or whatever ,labelled clearly where they came from with diagrams if nesscessary some of them look alike but theyre not.
Youll also need some small screwdrivers too
Good luck if you get stuck keep searching on the net something might come up

February 2006
davy look at this

February 2006
I can't get rid of 161 and 163 errors though I changed backup battery... What can I do. No password is set for the BIOS so I can do what I want but nothing is about to repair my computer.
Is anyone there that can advice me something efficient? Maybe updating the bios could be a good solution? Any idea would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you in advance.

February 2006
Hey Mark and Wendy,

Thanks a lot for your help! I guess I'll put something up whenever I get the laptop fixed. Thank you again!

February 2006
Mark - one more thing about your battery. Since the cmos battery also runs the system clock, I think it might last longer if you keep your laptop plugged in, even while you're not using it. This is just a hunch, but I know it's that way for big-box computers.

P.S. - thanks for the compliment.

February 2006

I actually replaced my battery with one that I got at a battery store, complete with attached leads, wires, and connection plug. It was about $10. I'm hoping it lasts.

Thomas, the error 192 is a fan error - which could be the battery (low or incorrect voltage to fan), or perhaps your fan is out. Can you hear it when you try to boot up?

Also, I was curious about Lydia's post below. She mentions a "reset button" - holy cow, I checked the manual, and there really is a reset switch, just under and to the left of the on/off switch. Who knew? Gad, I might've saved $50 on a system board...

Here's what the manual says: "The Reset switch resets the system (regardless of the microcode status) and forces the power off. Use this push button to power off when power is not completely off or the microcode is in a hung state."

From what this says, I think I would turn on the computer and get to that "stuck" state, and then take a poke at the reset switch to "power off", and then try to reboot again, pressing F1.

Oh, one more thing - also in the maintenance manual I see something called Password Pads. Here's what the manual says: "If only the power-on password is set, do the following to remove the power-on password.
1) Power off the computer
2) Remove the DIMM (memory) cover on the bottom side of the computer.
3) Short-circuit the two password pads** or put the jumper. (???)
4) Under the short-circuit condition, power on the computer and wait until the POST** ends. After the POST ends, the password prompt does not appear. The power-on password is removed.
5) Reinstall the DIMM cover.

*POST I think means Power On Startup something
** password pads are two small square holes, side by side, in between the two DIMM slots. I think if you stick pointy metal tweezers in them both, you'll short-circuit as per the instructions.

Thomas and anyone else - you can download the manual at the Lenovo site. I went here and then selected "Thinkpad or Workpad" from the product dropdown, and went from there. Poke around - you'll find it!

Let us know how it goes - good luck!

February 2006
Hi Wendy. Thanks for your tips. My problem is that I don't get to do a test, to set the date or to to do anything. The errors show up, most of the time 161 and 163, sometimes accompanied by 192, then the notebook makes two beeps. After that it wants a password and I press enter. It says OK and shows me an error message and gives me the chance to click on 'OK' or 'Cancel'. After that I can't do anything anymore.
It doesn't help to press F1 or Esc while starting the notebook. The only difference is that if I press Esc, an additional error, 76 301, comes up.
How did you get to change the date or to run the test? I can't get to this point. In fact, I cannot do anything but press enter and let the notebook display the error numbers.

February 2006
ps wendy youre a mine of information I was hoping someone would add more info to this thread thanks

February 2006
addenda to the cmos battery thing the ones ive replaced in june july or whatever are now(feb 7 months later) showing the original dead battery error 161 and 163 could be anything
sweat off fingers on the battery etc so maybe your best bet is to get a proper battery at the cheapest price you can.
its freezing cold downstairs where they are but i dont think this will affect them
Anyone else had this problem?

February 2006
Christian, maybe this website will help you some. Getting to the battery is easy. Flip the laptop upside-down, and the memory area will be under the panel that has one big screw to take it off. You don't need to remove any memory like this site says - that's silly. Just look under the edges, and if you find a bright plasticky looking thing with wires leading from it, that's probably the battery. I'll let this site show you the rest.

February 2006
Hi Mark,
I see. Is it necessary to open the whole laptop in order to get to the cmos battery or is it possible to open just a part of the bottom of it?

February 2006
Ps make sure the new battery is fully covered with tape or it might short out

January 2006
No i cant send pictures christian ,sorry ,but its pretty easy to replace. first of all you need to disconnect the whole thing which is pretty simple and then just make sure you remember which side is red and black and then tape your battery on the metal connectors. its a cr2025.
Once its disconnected you wont do any damage even if you put it back wrong it just wont work.

January 2006
In addition to what Mark Corby suggested, I also did the ESC key trick a few times. What I found did the trick for me was to jiggle the reset button on the side near the power switch, used a pen, stuck it in the whole, the whole computer powered down. I started it up and lo', the danged thing booted!!! Welcome back my eCommStation machine (ECS = new OS/2).

Lydia P
January 2006
Hi Mark,
Do you think you can send me pics of how to change the cmos battery? I don't want to make a mistake when I do it myself.

January 2006
BTW, Thomas - I did all of this *after* I had replaced the system board, and still had the same problem. So don't be too gung-ho about replacing the system board - I did, and I think I didn't need to after all.

January 2006
Hi Thomas - I had the same problem as you - error 161 after I had changed the battery. I reset the time, but still got the same error over and over. I finally fixed my laptop today. When I turned it on, I had the Esc key pressed, and I got errors 76 and 301 (keyboard errors) - but not error 161! I let my finger off the Esc key then, and the computer got to a "test" screen.

I clicked "test", but I didn't run any of the tests (I've run them thousands of times already) - instead I clicked Exit, and it took me to the bios "Easy Setup" screen. I went in to "Config", then to "Quick Boot", and set it to "Disable". Then I went in to "Initialize", and initialized the bios. Then, I clicked "Exit", and clicked "Restart".

Once I got the computer booted up (!), I tried to run Scandisk. That's when I found out I had a nasty malware running, called Websearch - it was firing off two programs, Wsup, and Wtoolsa - both of which you couldn't kill, because they'd start each other up again. I searched the web and found out what-all I needed to get rid of, both on the hard drive, and in the registry, and then I was able to kill those two processes.

I then shut off the screen saver (important), and closed all processes except Systray and Explorer, in the task manager. I ran scandisk, and then I defragged the hard drive. Then, with much trepidation, I shut down the computer.

When I rebooted, it came up with no problems, and I haven't seen the error 161 since! I don't know if it was removing the malware, or running scandisk and defragging, or setting "Quick Boot" to disabled - but now it works, so there's some stuff for you to try.

BTW, it did take a few tries for my "Esc" key trick to work - keep at it!

January 2006
Hi Thomas ive looked in the manual and 2 beeps means it hasnt posted.this is also what it says,
Error 161(dead battery) 1. Go to "checking the backup battery" on page 38 2. Backup battery
3. System board
Error 163(Time and date were not set) 1. set time and date
2.System board
Error 173(Configuration data was lost).1. Select OK in the error screen; then set time and date 2.Backup battery
3.System board
So at a guess its the system board or the cmos battery, dud or put in wrong, it may be a defective main battery or charger also.
Go to ibm homepage and download the manual, basically you check the cmos battery with a current testing tool and if the batteries ok you replace trhe system board.
Good luck

January 2006
Hi. I also have a Thinkpad 600 notebook and it suddenly greeted me with the errors 163 and 173. Then I changed the CMOS battery and while 173 disappeared, a new error, 161, came up. Now, when I turn the notebook on, it displays the two errors, 163 and 161, makes two beep noises and finally stops with a IBM error warning, where I can click on 'OK' or 'Cancel', but no matter what I do, it is completely hung up. And the worst thing is that it is NOT possible to get in the system check by holding F1 while starting the notebook.

Has someone had such a problem? I could really use some help.

January 2006
Yes Christian you just need to get the right battery with the white connector tho and there a bit expensive to post if youre not in the USA.

Mark Corby
December 2005
Hey Mark Corby,
Is it possible if you can send me pics of how you change the cmos? I'm afraid of messing up the laptop. Another thing, is it necessary to do all those cutting and stuff? The site that you had linked to your instructions showed that the battery had a white connector. Isn't it possible to just unplug the old one and connect the new one without cutting and taping? Thanks!

December 2005

I didnt know xp wouldnt allow you to do it
Anyway heres a few ideas
1) It might not be formatting because sometimes old bioses dont allow large disks,try and get the bios update.

2)You might be able to format it with another OS bootdisk
try they're free.

3)You can also try connecting it to another comp as an extra hard drive and formatting it from there
but youll need the adapter for it theyre cheap on Ebay.
Good luck .

October 2005
Hi, I got errors #91 then #192 with a Thinkpad 600 and went through the replacement battery routine (Brilliant Mark), using a Duracell equivalent and it fired up after re-setting the date/time. The only difficulty was prising off the tags on the old battery. I used a short sharp kitchen knife with a sawing/rocking motion. I taped the battery over completely with masking tape to insulate it. The only surprise (apart from it booting) was that it has windows95 OS. I am trying to format an 80Gb harddrive using one partition in fat32, which XP doesn't allow apparentley, to stick in a Digimate 2 shell. Will this format in 95?

Brian Nicholls
September 2005
The default password for the BIOS and other password screens is Balti, btw

J 2 tha B-lay
September 2005
umm the homepage has changed a bit your drivers are still there tho
try support downloads
You might have to spend a bit of time but itll be worth it.
Regards mark.

August 2005
yes gustaf go to ibm homepage type in your laptop model etc in driver section I think in support you need the neomagic one
Hope this helps
PS anything like that go to ibm homepage support they have tons of drivers theyre.

August 2005

cant find ...9 Install the display driver downloaded from ibm
the one you need is called neomagic or neograph or
something dated circa 2000
I originally tried the newer one and couldnt do anything with it
so was stuck with 16 colours and a resolution of 640 x 480 for a few days.
The one you want changes the display adapter NOT the monitor .

do you know where I can find them?

July 2005
The first thing you need to do is change the cmos battery, thatll get rid of the error messages. The fan might not be working youll need to download the manual from IBM and have a look at that,
You can normally hear the fan when you boot but its not very loud
The fan is under the keyboard and you have to undo a lot of very small screws to get at it, youll need to put them in envelopes ideally as you undo them and write on where they all came from otherwise it gets confusing with all the screws being undone>
Also you may need to prise off the little black covers hiding the screws as well to get at them
Hope this helps.

Mark Corby
July 2005
Hi, I have a think pad 600E and when I run the lap marck error 161, 163. I think is the batery. Whow can I run the laptop or what can i do?.


Guadalupe Landa

Guadalupe Landa
July 2005
My friend has this laptop, it gives error 192
dev 001
err 96

But i can't actually feel air coming from the side of it when it is on, is it possbily the fan is broken, or will changing the cmos battery fix the problem? If it is the fan how hard is it to change?

July 2005
PS Passwords Admin
If you have an admin password lock you might have the same password locking the hard drive which is fairly common#
so then youll need a new mobo AND a new hard drive.
Joe in Australia knows how to unlock the admin password,
type it in google joe in australia thinkpad unlock
or something similiar
he charges $43 dollars for it im not sure if thats aussie dollars or american
and you have to do a bit of soldering and construct an eeprom reader
he gives you very precise instructions on how to unlock it anyway its worth a look

Mark Corby
July 2005

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