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Brother Knitking 5 Star?

1. I remove the carriage from the machine
I put on Sinker Plate on the Carrige
Now I try to put on the carrige , Sinker plat hit the Gates
BUT if I have Carrige on the kneedle Bed and now put on the
Sinker Plate, when I tighten the Two Screws sinker Plate
Rises above the level of gates
Also sinker plate looks to be uneven

my e mail is

Riaz Hussain
March 2008
DIY - you dont need to line up a sinker plate with the help of a dealer - do it yourself.
Dont be afraid to loosen the screws, even take them off altogether, to make sure that the sinker plate falls into position. Also bear in mind that screws dont last forever & new ones may need to be bought from a dealer. (dont even bother to try to find a screw from somewhere else - I went down that line & got nowhere)
June 2008
Hello Riaz,
The sinker needs adjusting but it is not something that really can be done on line because several things need to be lined up, you may be best to find a knitting machine shop.
March 2008

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