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on my Bolens 13AM762F765, I turn the and - nothing!?

The mower (it's new) was put into reverse with the clutch in but the blades were still engaged (PTO ON). This one does not have the "reverse caution mode." The engine stopped suddenly.
Checking everything the manual says to check, including the fuse, and still when I turn the key absolutely nothing happens, no sound even.

Bill Lavor
April 2008
the pto engage will turn the blade and if you put in reverse it disengage (safe control)

July 2011
I have the exact same mower and it does have a safety interlock that prevents it from running in reverse with the blades engaged and starting it when the pto is engaged. pull the lever for the pto to the off position and you can restart it then, and if you are running with the blades engaged and want to back up disengage the pto before trying to back up and you will be fine. this are some of the new safety items that are incorporated into mtd built mowers and bolens is built by mtd. mike

mike twofeathers
May 2008

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