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How can I get my Technics CD player to produce sound?

I have a Technics SL-CH570 CD player that has stopped producing sound. The only way to get any sound at all is to turn my volume up to full and then the sound is only just legible. All the other units of the system i.e. the tape deck and the tuner both work fine and as normal.
How can I fix it please?

John Clegg
July 2004
I have the same problem

Try to find a solution, I will post if I success

Sergi - Barcelona
December 2017
You've got dry joints around the mute circuit. Take it to your local hi-fi repair shop for repair.

September 2008
check the ribbon cable that connects the units to the amp. I would assume that if the cd player is reading the disc, and there is signal present, the ribbon cable is suspect. If you can, get switch cleaner, or isoproyl alcohol and clean the contacts on the ribbon cable and the connector on both ends(amp and cd). If this doesnt work, then I'd atempt to get your hands on a multimeter and check the continuity and resistance of each lead in the cable.

April 2008
has anyone found an answer to this problem, as I too have the same with a CH570 cd player

November 2005
I too have exactly the same problem. Has anyone got a fix?


March 2005
Have you found an answer to this yet as I have the same fault and don't know how to fix it.

Regards DGS

December 2004


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