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how to start a westwood t1200 tractor without the key & not by the pull cor?

i have a westwood t1200 tractor which has not been used for some time and the tractor will not start.if i pour diesel into the chamber and use the pull start it will fire but not run,is there a way of bypassing the ignation switch as i have not got the key there a way of jump starting the motor ?

adrain deadman
June 2008
i have a westwood t12oo diesel and it will turn very slow and will not let me pullthe cord it seems slow what do i do to get it spinning fast

November 2010
Presumably Adrians problem is now resolved (by using petrol) but it's worth noting that a t1200 engine should start on the pull cord without any electrics being connected at all- including the battery - EXCEPT that, if the ignition switch is still wired in, it must not be in the "off" position as this is the engine kill position. Pulling off the blue wire of the ig switch would fix that.

lorna green
April 2009
Westwood NEVER made a diesel T class. Get it out!!!

December 2008
I also have a Westwood T 1200 . Mine however runs on petrol - not diesel.

August 2008
a small flat blade screwdriver will work as a key as the keys are very simple and all the same you need to have your ignition on or it will not charge battery and may cause prbems later

July 2008


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