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how do I test the coil, distributor and points on an engine?

I have an old international 6 cyl tractor motor on a wood chipper.
It has no spark, and the distributor is turning. The cap, rotor, and points look good, no arc tracking on cap or burrs on points. Could anyone tell me the specs and the wiring from the coil?

Thank you All help will be appreciated

Dave Price
July 2004
I don't know if I can help but I sure will try. It seems the first thing is to see if you are getting fire to the coil. Take a 12 volt test light and hook the gater clip on groung. Than check the wire that feeds the power to the coil to make sure that you are getting power to the coil. If so turn the switch to on and check the other side of the coil. You should get some kind of fire. If not Have someone crank the motor over and watch to see if you get power to the distributor. It sounds like you aren't getting fire. I have a old International truck with a six cylender in it and that happened to me. I found a bad wire to the distrubitor and fixed it. Now it runs like new. Before you replace the coil you might try taking a long piece of wire and run it from the plus side of the battery to the power side of the coil. This will give power to the coil and should make the motor run. If that's the only way to make it run than you have a problem from the coil to the distrubitor. Sure hope that this helps you. If you don't mind let me know what you find.

Lester (
September 2004

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