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Why does my computer keep freezing?

Ok guys I have tried everything and my computer keeps freezing, usually 5-10 minutes after startup, sometimes before windows loads.
My PC:
Athlon XP 3200+
Win XP Pro
512 Pc3200 DDR Ram
Geforce 5500 256 MB 8x AGP
n-Force 2 Mobo
160 GB HD
Maker: E-machine
Model #: T3256

Ok, it first started about a month ago. It would freeze and I would power down(by pressing the power button). When it would restart it would let me send Microsoft and Error report. So I would finally sent one and it told me I had a Graphics Driver stuck in an Infinite loop and to update my drivers or get a new graphics card,( At the time using the integraded Geforce 128mb Card). I updated multiple times, but would continue freezing. I ordered and installed my new Geforce 5500. It seemed ok, only freezing about twice the day it was installed. The next day it was just as bad or worse than before the new graphics card. After a restart now I don't get the option to send the error report to Microsoft, so I don't think it is the graphics card.Finally after running every virus/spyware check known to man, I decided to reformat my HD. I put Windows XP Pro on and it is still freezing. Thus leading me to the conclusion that it must be Hardware. I looked on, and it doesn't seem like that's the problem. So I "think" I have narrowed it down to RAM, HD, Processor, MoBo, or Power Supply. Anyone know any ways to check these components for errors (software or a physical test.) PLEASE HELP! I am currently going for my A+ certification, and I still can't figure it out. I tested the temperature with SpeedFan 4.25, usual range is between 30-40C. Any help?

September 2005
I dont know why my computer keeps freezing. I try and open a new system and it takes ages. Had to take plug out last night as wouldnt turn off. Anyone got any ideas please. It is packard bell about 4 years old. Please answer in non-technical language as I am fairly computer illiterate! Thanks.

Bev Mills
December 2010
It may be a cause of your computer overheating, And depending how much things you are running at once just on 512mb of RAM. You may need to update your RAM to atleast a Gig or 2, But before you do that, you will need to update your drivers so if you go on the computer manufacturer's website and download the latest ones.

James From Qtec Computers
November 2010
Because its not responding or internet stops working

Sanah Hafeji
May 2010
i have the same problem with my laptop!]
i don't know wether it's just that Windows 7 has bugs or whatever.
but i have no clue what to do about it o_O

February 2010
I've had the same problem for several months.

Last week I checked all my compenents were sitting correctly (the soundcard was a bit out) and completely reinstalled XP and started again. Guess what? Yep, Still freezing..

I've had enough and want to buy a new pc - after all this one has given me a good 6 years... Still, I'd love to know what it is that's causing the problem.

November 2009
I like the 'cleaning' suggestions; one thing I would suggest NOT to do is buy a disk registry cleanup. I bought RegZooka for about £16 and it did precisely eff-all.... except 'defrag' every time I booted up, adding five minutes to the boot time. Tedious.

Sledge 101
November 2009
same here brand new advent laptop keeps freezin help

November 2009
u guys r geeks. :) But i have the same problem :[


Last question : Do u get any?

July 2009
I looked closely at my gpu and found it wasn't quite in, positioning it properly cured the problem!
Memory cards can give the same symptoms so check them all!

July 2009
Got the same prob! This has occurred since installing a geforce 6600. I'm thinking psu as I've obviously increased power demand.

July 2009
Try an older werison of Windows if you have one. If it does, then your computer must have a problem with Windows XP. Get Windows 7 when it comes out late '09.

July 2009
i have the same problem i have a windows xp ..i really need help i have avg antivirus and i clean up the disk and i even restore the computer i think i had tryied everything..:(

July 2009
mine was freezing i tried everything but nothing worked, i took the side off the pc and it was filthy inside the fan was clogged up with dust and fluff i took the fan off and cleaned it all it as not frozen since so thats the answer.

May 2009
I have a 160gb HD, AMD Semptron, and a sound card and wireless adapter, and i am getting the same problem, i got a a new 550watt power supply and another stick of ram.(1 gig ram) and it is still freezing :( i also checked my temp with speedfan and it is all good,. what could be the problem?

Dylan M
October 2008
I have the exact same problem i've got a Toshiba Satellite A200, it keeps freezing all the time even if i press the power off key it wont switch off it will only switch off if i take the batery out, i scanned there are no viruses, i just think laptops are rubbish i had a computer for 6 yrs and nothing ever happened anyone have any help?

October 2008
I think you need to look at the RAM size, check if you have enough RAM. XP works with a minimum of 512Mb so try and match that or duoble it to 1GB. Use the same type of RAM if you are using all the slots on the mother board. Also do not open too many windows at a time. Ensure that there is enough Hard disk space, may be over 2GB at all times. Do a disk defragmentation if the hard drive space is less than 1GB. All the best.

Oliver Garshong Jordyz Ltd IT Solutions
April 2007
i have the same type of pc but wit a geforce 5200 4xagp to and my pc seems to freeze every 10min i dont no ne thing bout pcs can some 1 help?

September 2005
Have you considered a corrupt BIOS? Try flashing it. Also, did it work well for a long time and then it took the dump? If so, I would start like this:
1) Power supply. Borrow a known good one and see if that cures it. If it does... do not return the power supply(the cat ate it is a good excuse).
2)RAM. Check 1 stick at a time, or 2 at a time if you have three. Or... if you can borrow some known good RAM...
3)I don't think it is the HDD since you were able to do the install but you might try the aforementioned technique.
4)I also doubt it is the proc, but you never know, Soooo....
5)Lat thing I would check is the MoBo since the cards required to test them are quite expensive, HOWEVER, since you are getting your A+, you will be needing one of these sooner or later.
Last question: Do you have a cat?

September 2005


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