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How can I fix my AIWA CX-NMT70?

CD player cuts out intermittently and does not work

July 2008
This model is at least 10 yrs old. If the laser lens has never been cleaned then cleaning it will probably bring it back to life.

Start by unplugging the ac power cord...
Now remove 2 screws on each side of the metal case...
Remove 4 more screws from the back of the case...
To remove the case, start from the lower back...spread, lift and tilt upward ... it will detach off of the top of the front cover.

Plug the ac power back on and then eject/open the CD tray.
You should now see the spindle where the CD spins and next to it will be the laser assembly and its len.
Unplug the ac power again.

Using a dry cotton Q-tip brush the len on the laser. This will clean off dust particles from the len.

You can also do this with a wet cleaning solution that you can get from Radio Shack. You wet the Q-tip in the solution, clean then dry off with a can of clean pressurized air (Air Duster)

Plug the ac power back on...load a CD disk and see if it plays normally now. If not do a wet cleaning.

The belts for the Tape Deck will probably need replacing but who uses cassette anymore. More screws, front trim off the CD tray, 2 ribbon cables.

Good Luck

August 2008
Have you tried a CD lense cleaner. They're only about a fiver at woolies. (Idon't know if it will work but it might be worth a shot.)

July 2008


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