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Flashing lights on my HJA8630- ?

We had a power cut and when I went to put my 4 month old HJA8630 dishwasher on, all the lights were flashing. I've read and re-read the manual but nothing is mentioned about re-setting it. I've phoned the engineer but their computer is down and they haven't called back. Will have to phone back tomorrow but in the meantime if anyone has had the same problem could you let me know what you did. Cheers

October 2008
Hi Liggylous, Open the door and keep your finger on the right hand start button till the green neon flashes.Shut the door,this should bring in the drain pump and then abort the programme.If this does not work,it may mean that the power cut has damaged the pcb and it will have to be changed.All the best.

October 2008

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