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for Dannyboy and CK zanussi wjs1265s stuck in 2secs. spin mode?

Thanks guys for your previous attempts to solve my 2secs. spin mode problem iha ve checked all the things you guys suggested i.e. oressure switches and techo and pressure switch hoses. techo was found to be sitting in its recess snuggly and the wires seem to be ok aswell there are to pressure switches one is black with a three wires connector it is electronically regulated switch that moves a conductor in side a coil the other one is white with two contact type swithes both work fine i checked with the multimeter. theres no leackage in both the pressure hoses . Can you guys suggest me how to reconfigure the PCB on this WJS1265W turbo dry washer?dryer may be the PCB has gone into safe mode due to water leakage and it might reset it self or is there any other way to reset the PCB. I tried to reset it by pressing start and skip button and switching it on the lights scroll through and after that when the cottons LED lights up i start pressing it 9times but it doesnt offer me to enter the 16 digit code instead it starts to show E 90 code and also before showing the code it spins for 2secs but once E90 comes up it just does nothing.Bieng in pakistan i cant get hold of any parts so my only choice is to fix this problem with your guys expertese so please put your thinking caps on and solve my problem as my wife is fed up of washing clothes in the kitchen sink by hands.I shall eagerlly await your replys and i am depending on your guys help to get this machine out of 2sec spin mode by the way it does the same 2sec spin in drying mode aswell without any wash programme selected and if i select a waash programme it behaves normally and takes water then the nombers seem to go down on display but the drum doesnt move atall its only that when i skip it to No 3 spin cycle that it goes into 2sec spin mode. Hoping to hear from you soon thanks in advance.You can E mail me aswell on

October 2008
e90 is a board communication error code sometimes related to a bad connection on the blue 5 wire loom that goes from the main pcb to the display board in the fascia panel.if that is ok you have either a main pcb failure (replacement only option) or you have some how deleted the configuration code.this doesn't in any way relate to your spin problem ???.i would suggest you need to find the configuration setting possition.could be tenth possition not will display a number or letter followed by a dash followed by a number or letter.example:- (0-0 or B-2 etc etc).if any of the configuration code is incorrectly input it will never work!

October 2008

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