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No heat in my TC470 Zanussi?

The drum spins, something gets hot at the back, but there is no heat in the drum. Can anyone help?

Jan Clausen
December 2003
The information regarding the belt coming off worked when we had the same problem with our TC470. Thanks!

October 2012
I took the white cover off at the lower back of the dryer and the green belt had come off the sprockets.
I simply cleaned the area around the spockets and put the belt back on the sprockets as indicated on the white cover and it solved my problem.

It took not more than 10 minutes.

Pav Aujla
December 2009
I had the same problem
Try taking the lower white cover (held on by a single screw) off the rear of the appliance. There is a green fan belt. This had come off the sprockets.
Simply put the fan belt back on the sprockets AS INDICATED ON THE DIAGRAM MOULDED INTO THE COVER (it can go one of two ways).
This solved my problem

Ron Hughes
July 2008
Heating elements can fail. These are relatively easy and economical to replace. The heating element is not necessarily the culprit if your tumble dryer does not get hot, however. There are thermal overload cutouts fitted to many machines. If they fail, the current will not be passed to the heating element. Replacement is again, fairly straightforward.

Tumble dryers will often have thermostats fitted. A heater control one, and an exhaust thermostat. The first keeps the temperature correct. The second, as its name suggests, monitors the temperature of the exhaust (in case the airflow in the machine is impeded) Once again, replacement is not too much of a problem.

Johnny Fish
March 2004
Mine is doing exactly the same. I suspect it may be the thermostat, which I have located but Ican't work out how to remove it. Did you find out?

Paul Gilroy
February 2004


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