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Waterside MC250?

Just moved into property and turned on the power to the watersoftener and once the presure was up water flowed onto the ktcen floor and even turning the water off the water continued to flow onto the floor. Is this repairable or should we bin the softener machine?

April 2009
The screen is showing a message : 5ALE

We are not sure what this means. Previously the machine had begun emitting an alarm sound - even after salt had been added.
We turned it off - and later turned it back on when it showed 0 : 00 or some such.
We pressed some buttons - up/down - probably reset
and then the 5ALE appeared.
Right now it has stopped bleeping - but maybe the salt is not being added = we don't know.

Patricia Graham
October 2015
my water softener stop working

gurdeep phull
September 2014
My water softener is stuck on salt rinse and would over flow during regeneration if I did not syphon water out any advise welcome

August 2012
We contacted wrekin water softeners spoke to a chap called Paul today. He was really helpful. will be sending a replacement head with video Says it should take 1/2hr to replace. Knew what he was talking about.

L Murphy
October 2010
Hi i had trouble with my MC250 Rang these guys 01376 550577 converted it to Fleck 5600 valve been working a treat ever since.

June 2009
These water softeners are really quite simple but they rely on "O" rings for seals to the system. These seals are also working on plastic components which do have a tendancy to wear.

There is an electronic control box which is basically a timer, activated by a count-down system signalled by the flow meter built into the water piping.

Water leaks are inevitably from the failure of one of the "O" ring seale, and the most likely one is on the cross bleed manual control just behind the solenoid valve. This valve may be used to adjust the water hardness, but it can be turned off completely which will probably stop the leak. All "O" rings are likely to leak, especially from the mail control valve which is operated by an electric motor through a reduction gear. The leaks here are caused by the poor design in the manner in which the "O" rings are employed. The only real solution is for all of these "O" rings to be replaced and although this can be done by dexterous application and intelligent ability it is best left to competence . A complete set of "O" rings is available from Waterside but a bit expensive. These are standard size seals and buying them directly from an "O" ring supplier is much cheaper, butyou will need to identify the sizes and material first.

The simplest solution is to call in the approved service emgineer from Waterside.

In the meantime turn off the supply and return valves to the unit, and open up the bypass valve to allow water through without going through the softener. (In this condition the water softener can be removed for maintenance.)

MC 250 are good usually reliable units which will automatically work for many years unattended except for the addition of the salt pellets from time to time.

Frank Wells
May 2009
Contact Wrekin Water Softeners. They have replacement valves at very reasonable cost and they have the technical expertise to help you all the way.
They are really good and helpful

Graham Benbow
May 2009


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