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Sovereign mower oil problem (Briggs 3.5hp)?

For the first time this year I moved the mower from garage to a lawn area I cut. This involved lifting it over a steep step in the garage and transporting it in the back of my car. Next day when I was going to mow the lawn I noticed there had been oil leakage on underneath. There was also a spilt pin on the ground(although that might have nothing to do with it). There was also oil on the red painted top of mower, underneath the engine. Tried to start it, and it did start but there was white smoke coming off the exhaust which also seemed to have oil on it too. Given there was no oil on the floor when I removed the mower out of the garage initially I suspect I must have tipped it at such an angle as to let oil leak from somewhere. Apart from refilling the lost oil, what should I do to get it back to normal ie not smoking etc?

April 2009
I'm wondering for a Murray lawnmower 3.5 hp. How oil gets into the air filter?

June 2017
how do you check the oil level on a 35

April 2012
i have the same problem it smokes a lot and it spits oil from the exhaust. one week ago i put new mixture and cause the engine didn't start i put a bit oil into the cilynder just to make sure that i will not the it starts fine without problems but it blows a lot of white smoke.what is the problem?

May 2009
Thanks John. Have replaced the air filter which was a bit oily at the edges. Engine starts fine and doesn't smoke initially but after about 30 seconds the white smoke just gets worse and worse from the muffler which also spits out oil. Smokes so much have to stop so as not to bother neighbours! I'm wondering if the muffler has a lot of oil in it? If it has, is there any way of taking it off/emptying it?? Thanks.

April 2009
Just check to see if the air filter isn't soaked with oil, refill the sump to the correct level, wipe away any obvious oil spill and start the machine up. The smoke will clear after a while and no harm will have been done.

April 2009


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