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Black & Decker VERSAPAK (VP130) charger - info request.?

If you're in the UK, & have the charger, could you let me know the input & output voltages, and Wattage or current, as written on the charger. Does the charger monitor the charge & switch off when the batteries are fully charged, or do you have to charge them for a set time? Thanks.

Mr Blue
April 2009
Hello the miniture transformer from maplins can u post a picture on this item and how it works do I attach the transformer to the the wires on the vp130 charger or do I have to take the sealed plug apart any advice would b greatfully recieved

December 2014
Hi all, it's Mr Blue here again.
Thanks everyone for your responses, most helpful!.
Maplins are selling a 9v transformer (see msg from Keith M) for £6.99 & he seems satisfied with it so I will get one too, as it's much cheaper than a new B & D charger, at about £20 ish.
Anyway, once again, THANKS to all.

Mr Blue.

Mr Blue
November 2014
The Maplin part number I used is YN15R, 9V 250mA Miniature Transformer. Working perfectly

Keith M
July 2014
If the transformer unit is faulty (which is the usual case), you will require a replacement. The transformer is 230VAC to 9VAC (note AC, not DC), rated at 210mA. I have found a replacement transformer at Maplins, Part no N57AT (£13.99).

Cut the old transformer off and connect the battery charger unit to the new transformer. The wires can be connected either way around because the output voltage is AC.

I leave the batteries charging for about 4 hours, and the unit is working well so far.

February 2011
230V~50Hz 5.0W, 2X4 35V=210mA 1.8VA.
Model number:T4/E code 370334-01.
These are off a UK charger. I hope that helps.

April 2010
I have a screwdriver from this range. It worked well for a good few years. The charger does not moniter the battery charge, and you have to remember to switch it off, 2 or 3 hours for a full charge.
What broke in the end was the cable for the charger at the entry point into the charger - not up to much rough and tumble at that point. It's a pity that B&D have never made the cost of a replacement charger economically viable - how many other perfectly good tools are there sitting in a shed never to be used again?

May 2009
Hello. I have only just bought one at a car boot sale. I think I will have to replace the charger or batteries though as it appears to be faulty. I cannot tell you about charging times or whether it switches off (but I doubt it). The details you asked for are:
230V~50Hz 5.0W, 2X4 35V=210mA 1.8VA.
Model number:T4/E code 370334-01.
These are off a UK charger. I hope that helps.

Angelo (adez)
May 2009


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