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need to fit new on/off switch but lost my wiring diagram?

i,ve purchased a new on/off switch for my ariston af 200 dishwasher,there is four push connectors on it numbered 1-4, the wires i have to connect are 2 blues together,1 blue on own,1 brown on own ,and 1 brown and black together,i have miss-laid the diagram i drew of it,can anyone help please thanks

June 2009
thanks worked fine peccavi

June 2009
Logically it should be like this...

It will be a two pole switch - i.e. one pole to disconnect the Live wire and another pole to disconnect the Neutral.

The Brown on its own will be the Live feed and the single Blue will be Neutral. Here's a picture of a two pole rocker switch...

Here Brown and Blue from the incoming mains feed would fit on the two top connectors that you can see in the picture - either way round.

The remaining output wires to the workings of the machine should match the incoming - side for side - Brown and Blue.

Top or bottom doesn't matter much and neither does left and right just make Blue on one side and Brown on the other - single wires at one end and double wires the other.

June 2009


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