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hoover 800 8kg machine is not filling as it should. Why?

The water flow into the machine is much slower than it used to be and goes to pause if another tap is used in the house. The water preasure to the tap is excellent. Can the inlet become blocked going into the machine?

July 2009
simple answer is yes they can get blocked remove the cold water hose and check the valve for bits of scale also check the hose is not kinked

johnny hotpoint
July 2009
Turn off both the H/C water supplies (if H/C fill),may only have a cold fill remove both hoses put ends into a bowl or bucket now try the output of both H/C taps,if O K look inside where you have just removed the hoses from,should see a small plastic filter, gently ease out and clean ,refit both of the filters,H/C reconnect the pipes,check for leaks.
if you have self cutting taps, change them for the 15 mm hole version due to the small holes in the self cutting ones struggling to try and supply the machine with water .The machine could easily time out and HALT the wash program

July 2009

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