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Why is my Mira too hot?

The other day my hot water cylinder was taken out and a Vailient Combi boiler fitted , first my shower (Mira Excel) lost all pressure and the plumber took it apart to find lots of debree in the filters , after cleaning the filters out the shower pressure got better (acceptable- just to get the pain in the arses out my house!!)...., and since then the temperature has been the same - give or take a few degrees - its been really hot whether it be up at number 8 or down past the Blue setting number 1- (as you can imagine that first thing in the morning you think your skin will fall off with the heat!!) -- My landlord says its fine and should be that way-- i need some advice on what the problem could be , someone mentioned the cartridges inside may need replaced now £70 roughly ,what do you think?

George Handsley
July 2009
i suggest you call National shower spares for advice, try to be as specific as poss about the fault, the cartridge will set you back at least 100 pounds ring on 0845 126 4141

July 2009

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