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footwell flood?

My Vauxhall Cavalier 1.6 LS has fluid flooding into the drivers & passengers footwell, it also gives off a horrible smell. If I turn the heater up form cold only slighty the Windows steam up.
Can anyone point me in the right direction please

October 2004
If the ac drain was clogged it would get wet only from ac being used and wouldn`r steam up the windsheild.
Sounds like your heater core is bad.

October 2005
look under the bonnet, on the bulkhead, you`ll see a rubber hose coming from under the windscreen area, remove this and clear the "gunk" from it then refit it, chances are it`s full of dead leaves etc, when it rains it wont be draining fast enough.
( had the same prob on my cavalier )

June 2005
Cheers Trevor sounds good to me. The Car in the Garage at the moment having the Heater Matrix checked

October 2004
it sound like your heater matrix {a small radiater} or a pipe leading to it has brocken

October 2004


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