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how to improve my laptops speed?

my laptop runs amazingly slow it can take an hour to be able to get online and it fails to run my mcafee properly is there anything I can do myself to speed it up please help colin

August 2009
I really can’t understand why so many people complain about PC start-up slow problems, you only need a computer cleaner to handle all the problems, such as tuneup360.

November 2010
It sounds like the PC is short of real memory. Windows XP needs at least 512 MBytes. So if you have less than that install some more. (Vista is even more hungry.)

Next get rid of any programs that you don't need because some of them will load stubs at startup slowing everything down. Next use the Windows Disk Cleanup Utility followed by the Disk Defrag Utilty.

August 2009
I found simply resetting Internet Explorer fixed this issue. To reset Internet Explorer, go to Tools > Internet Options. Then, under the Advanced tab, in the "Reset Internet Explorer settings", hit the button labled "Reset..."

August 2009


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