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Bose Sound Dock Connector broke off?

Hi! One of the little connectors that goes into the IPOD (the two that stick out on the ends) broke off. How to get it repaired?

Christie B
October 2009
My iPod connector has broke of how much wil it cost to get fixed and where can I do that

November 2012
That happened to mine and I bought a dock connector replacement kit at - I got the charge upgrade for my Iphone for the same price as a replacement board. It was very easy to fit. Works great.

August 2010
You can get a replacement dock pcb at

April 2010
If the connector is broken, it has to be replaced. Bose charges a flat $99 plus tax and shipping to repair anything on a SoundDock (even to replace the rubber feet) or you can buy a used SoundDock on ebay for about $60-$70.

Go figure.

February 2010
Does it still play? One of mine is broken off but it stills plays

January 2010


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