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I have a bissell pro heat2x I can't get it to spray water out?

what could be the problem , when I squeeze the trigger no water comes out it is a bissell pro heat 2x

October 2009
I have had the same problem with my Bissell Pro heat 2X and was able to fixed it.

First I called Bissell's customer service and explained the problem. A rep. talked me through several possible solutions and had me doing "quick fixes". Have screw driver and a small brush ready before you call.
Their fixes did not correct the problem but it did eliminate possible minor causes. The next step was to refer me to a local authorized repair shop. I decided that I would check the water supply lines and possibly avoid the repair charge.

Unplug machine then remove the water tank Remove all the screws to release the plate, domed cover and square angled pipe. Tubes are connected to this angled pipe you will remove them from the pipe. Mark the tubes so you will know where they go when you are reconnecting everything. Check both ends of each tube before disconnecting to see where it ran from and what it runs into.

Disconnect the tubes coming up and out of the plate that are connected to a white bracket with two fittings. These must come off in order to remove the plate. You disconnect the water tubes by pressing the brass grips that clamp the tube to the fitting, sliding them down the tube. Disconnect tubes by gently twisting/pull free from the fitting.
The first tubes I checked were the front two sprayers (these are red). You will need to press the "wings" on the red sprayer heads to lift them out of their holder. Slide the brass gripper down the tube until the spring that runs on the outside is far enough down to enable you to see where the fitting is in the tube. I disconnected one end at a time. I had pipe cleaners on hand so I used them to remove the debris. You could also flush them with water. Reconnect tube to the center white cube fitting then run a pipe cleaner again into the right tube threw the fitting into and through the left tube with red sprayer head removed. Replace tubes to red fittings put into bracket.
Disconnect the water tube that feeds the left and right sprayer heads and check it for debris. I did not disconnect this tube from the pump.
Put every thing back in tightly so the plate with be flat. You will have moved the electrical wires to get to the tubes.
Reconnect the two tubes (that you have marked) to the bent angled pipe, screw this pipe back into place. replace plate, line up the screw holes replace screws. Replace and screw down the dome cover.
Test machine, hopefully water will now spray, if not check your water connections. I had replaced incorrectly two tubes and a simple switch fixed it.

As you can see from this description I am not a repair person I am a housewife with a mechanical mind. It is pretty logical to see what goes where so be fearless. If it looks like you will be paying for a repair why not try it yourself first?
ps we were out of warranty

catherine lee moxley
November 2009

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