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Hinari lifestyle microwave light bulb?

how do i change the light bulb in my Hinari Lifestyle microwave

February 2010
how do i change the bulb on my hinari model MX780CEG and what bulb do i need

December 2012
Many thanks, the information is spot on

Alan C
March 2011
Thanks, really easy

paul marshall
December 2010
Remove the plug first. Undo the screws at the rear and one at the side and then standing at the back of the unit ease up the sides gently from the bottom and towards you to release the clips located under the front face and sides. The bulb housing on mine requires undoing one screw to lift the bulb holder out. Mine is a 240v SES fitting about 15w slim type bulb. 10min job done.

November 2010
worked for me .. thanks

john thompson
September 2010
Hi Maureen just had same problem, quite simple when you work it out. first remove top and side casing this is done with the 5 screws at the back, by the way dont forget to unplug the appliance first. when the cover is removed behind the control panel you will see a plastic fan, belt driven, below and slightly further in you will see a note warning to disconect before removing lamp,next to this is a black oval lamp holder just straighten the silver lugs holding it in place and you should have it.just let you know the 2 security screws at the bottom of the back panel can be undone useing a normal hex key and pressing firm good luck.

April 2010
I'll tell you soon as i need to do mine

February 2010
change the bulb

February 2010


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