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wet floor in car?

the vauxhall cavalier 1994 i have purchased keeps getting wet on the passenger side and behind no leaks in doors sunroof or windows any idea where it is coming from

November 2004
i have an audi tt and a problem with the passenger side floor getting this a common fault and what is it

david hitchcock
September 2008
had the same problem. every time i put the blower on water bubbled through the matrix ducting - tracked it down to the air intake under the windscreeen where there was a pool of water collecting & being sucked in, remedied by -----
lift the bonnet, remove the thin plastic mesh screening/cover at the bottom of ther windscreen to reveal channel.
The channel drains to the centre of the car down a tube with a basic duckbill valve this is probibily filled with dirt & debris clear it out & rinse through with water (should drain freely down bulkhead now)

November 2005
i have the same problem and have checked the heater matrix etc etc.and they are all fine. I have just been told that there are some drain pipes located just inside an air inlet and if they get clogged the water ends up in the footwell. I would imagine if this is correct it must be the ones either side at the bottom of the windscreen, but I have not had time or the daylight to check.

January 2005
its probably the heater matrix located behind the dash, try radweld but prob needs replacing

January 2005
Two possibilities:
1. The heater core is leaking
2. The A/C drain is clogged
If you open the A?C drain and water runs out you probably have the answer. If no water runs out It's probably the heater core. Hang on to your wallet.

November 2004


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