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bad pool caller?

error code

can anyone help?

February 2010
User failure.

Best solution: Replace user.

Alternative solution: Brain transplant. Unfortunately that has one possible problem: People will still recognise your appearance and assume you are still an idiot.

February 2010
hard drive failing , just encountered this problem myself , replaced the drive , problem solved

Adam H
February 2010
Sorry but the answer that you have been given is rubbish, starting with a floppy drive being D (its A or B).

I would try the MS site if I was you.

February 2010
First press the re-set button and go to the Red Panel
Next engage D (drive) and insert your floppy
When ready, type the following:-
555^72396:{43472198(585)330*172}999GR Press enter when all the grinding and input has taken effect disengage D and press RESET twice.
It's easy peasy

Amadeus from the Hills
February 2010


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