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Why can't I connect to internet when my wireless broadband is working well?

Windows XP. I have just been connected to wireless broadband which is speed 54 Mbps Strength excellent or VG but web pages won't open. Talk Talk tried but since the router etc is OK he could not help. Diagnose connection problems says 'Windows cannot connect to the internet using HTTP, HTTPS, FTP .... caused by firewall settings ..... check HTTP port 80, HTTPS port 443, FTP port 21'.
I can't find the Ports where MS help says and I have uninstalled McAfee. What can I do?

March 2010
I have almost the same problem, my laptop says i have excellent signal to to my wireless router but i can't browse the web, i tried fromatting my C drive but still same problem.

October 2010
So the internet traffic between the Router and Your machine is good - but some software in the machine itself (firewall) is preventing the final delivery of the packets of data to your browser.

I don't know the answer but to find out what application or process may be causing it (so that you can stop that application or process) I would begin by using the machine's Task Manager.

I would also "kill" everything in the start-up list as a diagnostic - but make a note of everything killed. I would probably do this first.

Good luck...

March 2010


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