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tizio 35 blown fuse`?

how do I R/R the fuse on the Tizio 35

John R. Lenahan
June 2010
Does the 'new' post '93 Tizio lamp have a fuse?

August 2017
I lied when I said the fuse is 5x15, it is really 5x20mm 1 amp.
I had to replace the broken fuse holder too, the plastic was old and degenerating. The Cooper Bussmann BK/HTC-30M from is a perfect fit and using the same fuse. This is for a classic Tizio model AS7.

January 2013
5x15mm fuse, #2AG. Originally called GMC, 1 amp.

January 2013
Pop the base off with a broad flat screwdriver carefully then unscrew the fuse holder. Thats it. What I don't know is what size or amperage fuse to use?

August 2010


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