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Brakes not as good as they were on my Ford cargo 811?

The air brakes on my ford cargo 811 are not working as they should there seems to be a pipe that is omitting short bursts of air and we are not sure where it has come from. Has anyone got any ideas? The air pressure dials are showing full on the dash board. The brakes had seized on and I had to release them by trying to go forward and then backwards until they released themselves. Do you think the pipe may have been blown off at this point? Or should there be a loose pipe!? The brakes used to be quite sharp and now they stop the lorry eventually. Any suggestions are very welcome.

Jo Rhodes
July 2010
god someone needs to grow up were did it say anybody was driving it on the road ????.

were is the pipe and the brakes on a cargo are air over hydraulic so i would check your brake fluid as the air is there to work the handbrake so souldnt make any diffrance to your foot pedal.

July 2010
yes i have a very good suggestion--get your lorry off the road until you have the brakes done, from what you say your lorry is clearly a danger to other road users, and if you need to ask a question like this you should not be on the road as well.

July 2010

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