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How do I open the case of a Kenmore Model 116-2039080 vacuum cleaner?

I need to open the main "case" of a Kenmore Model 116 (to repair the power cord). I can't figure out how to do it, and I'm afraid to start prying.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

Mike Tee
December 2010
It's not easy! I had to very, very carefully pry off the case cover (Part #1, here: In order to do it, I had to first pry slowly and gently out and away with a screwdriver between the rubber strip and the case cover on one side towards the top to unhook a hidden tab, then pull the bottom corner on that same side out from the body. Once I had the cover slightly displaced, I did the same on the other side, which hooks on the same way. If you pry too hard or in the wrong spots you can definitely crack the cover, which I started to do at one point, but managed to stop before doing any visible damage. There is a special lock piece above where the cord runs in, and you need to squeeze two legs on it together and draw it out the bottom. Then there are two long screws under the cover which you need to remove, and then you can swing the canister open from the bottom to get at the motor, cord, etc. Good luck!

February 2016

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