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Ford Focus 1.6 Automatic X Reg - Various Issues?


I have a few issues with my focus which have all started recently.

1 - Condensation on all windows (freezing in cold weather)

2 - High idle revs (sits around 2k mark for a bit) and goes down after driving.. if started driving before it drops when i slow down at a junction it has revved to 3/3.5k before settling again)

3 - Loud shuddering noise from passenger back end (near exhaust pipe) when starting engine up and when slowing down at junction with high revs (as above)

4 - The car is producing what I would call a little too much white smoke whilst driving and idle

5 - The central locking opens all doors but the drivers door meaning I have to reach over from the passenger side to open the drivers door from within

6 - Squeaky engine from cold start - constant high pitch squeak until the engine has warmed up

7 - Once parked up and out of the car, I can hear a ticking/tapping noise from near the drivers front wheel

Any help on the above questions would be greatly appreciated.



January 2011
windows freezing inside mayby due to air recycle on in car turn to outside so get fresh air in ,sounds like exhaust giving noise on rear check rubber mounts ,squeeky engine is fanbelt needs replacing ticking noise is the heat sheild cooling down on front brakes as to high tickover could be a number of things from air leaks on inlet to either idle air control valve throttle linkage sticking or engine coolant temp switch

here to help
January 2011

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