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Heat Surge Heater ModelADL2000M-XT?

First of all do not purchase. Two days after this heater went out of warranty it started to make a loud noise at the top of the heater. After calling the company for days, was told to bad a extended warranty wasn't purchased. I could purchase a new insert.

After that I just took the heater apart to fix or whatever else. I found the main element and everything was right there on the top. Not much to it. So it was making this noise coming out of the wheel spinning right behind the element.
Cleaned all the parts out due to dust collecting etc. Reduced the noise considerably. The heater still was not cutting off after it was powered off. The heat went off but the blower continued to run for about 30 -40 seconds after.
Now after couple months the noise is now so loud you can't have it on. Heats fine just the noise is unbearable and still doesn't turn off when you power off.
I can't locate any source for parts. Looks like the whole element along with the fan or wheel would be a complete part. Sounds like a bearing in the fan.
Any info would be appreciated.

Sylvia Franks
January 2011
I have a Model ADL 2000 M-X Year 2008 . Sounds like the problem mine as. Try this site:, telephone 253-474-9468.

January 2013


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