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How can I fix my potterton floor standing boiler?

I have a potterton kingfisher floor standing boiler,which carries about 18 rads the rads on the top floor will not get hot. I have tried turning off the rads at the bottom , and leaving the top ones on, I have bleed them for three day. I have check the tanks, the top rads only get hot at the bottom of the rads.

January 2011
I'll assume the F&E cistern is above the level of the top rads.
If you bleed them and air comes out until they are full, then they refill with air a day or so later, you have a problem with air being sucked into the system, the configuration of the pump/cold feed/open vent need to be corrected.

If they won't bleed or fill, the cold feed from the F&E is blocked and will need to be cleared (messy job).

January 2011

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