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How do I get petrol out of mondeo tank before scrapping it?

I filled my mondeo up to the brim for a family holiday but it died on me about 20 mins into our journey. How do I get the fuel out as there isn't a drain plug? Also any ideas why it won't start when it died there was a white smoke coming out of the exhaust. The car is a 1994 1.8 GLX Estate

Jason Forshaw
August 2006
white smoke = head gasket
open bonnet find the fuse box in there there are realys look like a square box 2cm by 2cm approx one of them works the fuel pump disconect the fuel line at the filter have a fuel can ready get a bit of bendy metal and cross over the realy after you take it out and the fuel should get pumped out the pipe might take a while though

August 2006

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