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How can I fix my Toshiba RD-XV47KB?

Everything is working perfectly on this 2 year old HDD & DVD/Video Cassettte Recorder except for no colour picture, just black and white.

I've been through the Users Manual and retuned , both auto and manual but nothing works. Any help much appreciated.

May 2011
I have Toshibe RD-XV47KB combi HDD/DVD/VCR I accidently erased (initialised) the HDD (hard Drive) and erased all my recorded programmes. Is there any way I can retrieve them back somehow -Please Help

Dharam Pal
May 2011
I'm having problem with the dvd section, it wont open and when i ask the machine to open it it all freezes and it won't function in any way. the problem seemed to begin when i tried to copy from hd to dvd

May 2011


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