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vauxhall cavalier 17 td?

airbag warning light comes on now and again where will the problem be please help

December 2004
Hello, Ref. your airbag light comes on every now and then! I would suspect that the alternator is over charging causing the light to come on when you rev the engine up. This is not an uncommon fault with the Izuzu type engine and a replacement alternator is not cheap.A reconditioned unit may be cheaper. An easy way to confirm this is to attach a multi-meter to the battery, set on a range capable of reading between 10-20 volts and start the engine and gradualy raise the engine speed, if the voltage reading rises above 14volts the alternator is over charging. The readings are likely to go up to 17-18 volts. If you are in any dought contact your local garage and they should be able to perform this check within ten minutes if they are not busy and the charge should be minimale. Hope this helps.

Peter O'Toole
December 2004


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