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how can I over ride an immobiliser on a ford transit 190 year 2000?

I have owned a transit 2.5 diesel 2000 for 4 weeks now and have had trouble starting it on several occasions now it wont start at all can i over ride the imobiliser as ford want a fortune and i'm not that rich

December 2004
As above answer

Jimmy nixon
January 2010
Live wire from battery to back of the injector pump where the imobliser is and join 1wire to the live bingo. Good luck

Jimmy Nixon
January 2010
I have a 2002 transit van and could never tow start it (it would slave start but not tow start)the trick is to turn the key as if you are doing a normal start as you drop the clutch and bingo, it should fire up if it was a battery problem. I hope this is useful to you

Chris Henderson
December 2006


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