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Myson Orion won't fire up - please help?

When I switch the heating on, the vent fan comes on and the pilot light ignites and stays on, however, the system continues to click constantly and the main burner does not ignite.
It was previously clicking constantly for a week or so but otherwise worked OK so I suppose the constant clicking was a warning that something was about to fail. Any suggestions to the possible fault would be appreciated.

October 2011
Hi there!
I have a myson orion 40si
The problem i'm having,
When the the system fires up it will take 3 to 8 attemps to light.
Works perfect when it lit.

This is a list of things that have been changed
1. New gas valve
2. New fan assembly
3. New ignition board
4. New spark electrode

What else can I do? Please help?
Many thanks David

April 2013
Thanks Ian - - I'll change the board

October 2011
the circuit board is not detecting that the pilot is lit, thats why it keeps clicking. you need a new circuit board, or maybe an new electrode (probably circuit board).

October 2011


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