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citadel xri?

The attack light stays red and the keypad is not working

I ve taken the battery out, plugged it bk in and knocked the alarm off by in putting the 4 digit code.

Any ideas?
I never use the alarm but it went off recently when the electric went off

Chris Herneman
February 2012
The fuse to the left protects the STROBE +ve terminal 19,the Bell +ve terminal D and the 13v +ve terminal 21

The fuse to the right is in the - ve battery line and prevents excessive current being drawn from the battery,

The fuse will also blow if the battery is inadvertently reversed polarity connected during installation.

no name
February 2012
Don't know where you get that info from acorn,there's only two fuses on that board.



no name
February 2012
There are four fuses mounted on the circuit board, all are 20mm quick blow.

F5 1Amp Bell/strobe
F3 1Amp 13v/Speaker
F1 1.6Ah Battery

F2 1Amp Keypad

February 2012
Care to tell him which one in case the strobe is running.

February 2012
isolate the power to the panel and check...

-ve battery line fuse
1.6A 20mm glass quick blow.

If the fuse is intact you have a battery issue

The fuse is one of two mounted onto the pcb,the other fuse is for the strobe.

no name
February 2012


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