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Kenwood A701A electronic speed control?

Yesterday cleaned out my Kenwood A701A mixer and checked the brushes etc.
Got me thinking!! Does anyone know if it is possible to replace the Centrifugal speed control with an electronic version and "how to"? Guess I could make up a circuit board using Vero if necessary. It would be an advantage to reduce the "bowl emptying" surge when switched on!!

May 2012
I think you can. Alex Pomar at Kenwood Chef Restore is the best person to approach. If it's possible he can do it.

That aside the old centrifugal control system was robust and simple. The machines do tend to speed up a little as they warm up but you can adjust the 2 screws accessed through the vent hole on the underside of the motor unit to slow it down and stop splashing especially when first starting up.


John G
June 2012

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