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citadel xr2 8zone?

My dads alarm has started beeping from the keypad every few minutes or so, it's ok when armed and still works ok.we are a little puzzled as to why,has anyone got and had this bleeping and knows how we can resolve this issue ,Thnx.

Phillip j
June 2012
Makes me wonder if the majority of questioners bother to read the answers/suggestions regarding their own posts anyway acorn.

e manno
June 2012
Well neither of your examples of beeping fit do they?

I bet Smokin' Joe is nearer the mark only problem is that we will never be told what the answer is.

June 2012
That system only emits two types of alerts,

A single beep every five seconds,meaning the service timer is active and needs a system service,

A double beep every five seconds,meaning there's a telephone line fault.

Do either of these above alerts bear any resemblance?

e manno
June 2012
Got any smoke detectors?

Smokin' Joe
June 2012


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