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White smoke and full maximum rpm on vauxhall vectra?

I was driving back from holiday and my vectra 2.2 dti dieseil decided it was going to rev itself as hard and high as it can possibly go and a constant cloud of white smoke out of the exhaust.
I pulled over and removed the car key which i was amazed to see and hear that it was not stopping the engine carried on as though i had the accelerator flat to the floor which i didnt.
I was told by the AA guy that it would be the turbo.
I have had the turbo changed by a machanic and he said the pipes still have a little oil in which will still give off smoke. Well travelling at a slow pase it decided to take 2 and do it all over again.
I taken it straight to the garage and he said the intercooler was full of oil so we have cleared that out. It should be fine now with a little smoke.
Well 3rd time lucky 10 mins driving and it decides to do it a 3rd time. OMG.
The only way i can stop this is to slam it in 5th gear and stall it with full brakes on.
Your help would be much appreciated and thankyou very much in advance.
By the way ive left the car dumped on the path outside my house in angar.

Vauxhall vectra 2.2dti elite deisel
December 2012
Ive checked the air intake filter and it looks ok. There is a slight bit of oil in the induction pipe which ive tried to clear up. Ill try and start it again tomorrow morning. The thing is when i do start it the car goes to maximum rpm and the sound is heart braking.
Thanks for your answers

December 2012
The enjin is eather picking up oil in the induction pipes.(is oil over filled or a seal has broken allowing oil in.or fuel is getting in.i woud disconect induction pipe at the manifold run the enjin see if oil is blowing out from pipe and see if enjin runs on the air filter clogged.

December 2012
just done a turbo on a ford diesel and it took a good hour and a half of high revs to finally clear out the excess oil from the system,it was so bad it couldn`t be taken out on the road,you don`t say if the turbo on yours was actually at fault but I would persevere and try and get it up to working temperature again and hopefully it will improve.

December 2012


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