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Contraplan Filing Cabinet?

I have a wood effect Contraplan filing cabinet and one of the drawer runners has collapsed - balll bearings everywhere!! How can I repair this or get a replacement runner please!!

Mike J
February 2013
Yes, a two drawer one

Irene Haslam
July 2014

My husband was putting files away in the lower drawer and one file slid over the files in the drawer and has gone down behind the lower drawer. How can I get it out, please?

Irene Haslam.
July 2014
We had to take out the bottom two drawers of our cabinet as a file had fallen behind. We are now unable to open them as they are locked, how can we fix this?

March 2014
Me too would be interested if you find anything suitable before me

March 2014
Change the runner and you can find it any hardware shop.

Lucy Oscar
November 2013
You might consider using Google Images...

Select Images and enter Drawer Runner

Look at the pictures and follow the link of a suitable looking runner.

Good luck...

February 2013

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