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Minivator 1000 Stair Lift Dead?

Trying to help my neighbour out here.

The 1000 was installed around 4 years ago for his wife. She sadly passed away at the beginning of December & the lift has remained used (& unfortunately powered off) until now. It's now dead.

I have accessed the batteries & both are flat but there is also little to no charging voltage present. 1.2V on one side & nothing on the other. Should there be a charging voltage present or does the charger detect that the batteries are unable to take a charge & so shut down?

There is around 33V present on the charging points but it looks like the chair may have slightly overshot. Now I know where the manual winder goes I'll try winding it back.

Is battery replacement a feasible DIY job? I think I read on another thread that the chair needs to come off the track which requires a special tool.

Grateful for any assistance.

Steve Skennerton
February 2013
Just to add that winding the chair manually to the middle of the charging points has made no difference. Forgot to say originally that the LED display is also dead.

Steve Skennerton
February 2013


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