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how do i reconect the on and of buttons back on the mobo?

i have a zoostorm that keeps shutting down, had a new power surpply fitted but still shuts down i tryed checking conections, and took out the on and of button conections and cant rember how to put them back many thanks if anyone can help.

May 2013
One thing that I forgot:

Look at the motherboard. It highly probable that Zoostorm DON'T make teir own motherboards, but use those from some other big maker who make them for many brands.

The brand and model of the motherboard is normaly printed in white near or between the extention slots. It's normaly the largest prints.

Now, go to the web site of the maker of the motherboard and search that site for the model number you found.
From there, it should be easy to get the motherboard's manuals as PDF file.

May 2013
Check the CPU heat sink, it's probably filled with dust.

Prety dumb of them, they don't offer any manuals to download.
As it's usualy only a dumb switch, it's not a polarised connector and can be inserted both ways. You can do some trial and error to find the correct location. It's beter is the other connectors are still in place.

You may contact them by e-mail at:
technical AT

May 2013


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